Week 6 Part B: Creating and Scheduling FaceBook Posts

I believe the posts I scheduled will engage my audience because two of them ask for some level of participation while the other involves a trending topic. I have been lucky enough to gain a decent bit of traction with people following and liking my page, and out of the people who liked it, I believe at least a few will interact with the posts. The classmates' pages I liked are:

Week 6 Part A: Engaging Your Customers - Facebook Strategy

ChefsBest  Food Network Bon Appétit Magazine The New York Times Food Dive The Counter Newsroom Eater      The above businesses are all of the ones I chose to like on Facebook that I feel would help me when it comes to my own business. ChefsBest awards different products medallions after rigorous testing when one stands out over others. They also have a podcast talking with people in the food and beverage industry. I would attempt to make a connection with them in order to be on their podcast to be promoted and broaden my reach. Between the Food Network,  Bon Appétit Magazine, and New York Times, I believe that these publications are what my subscribers are likely to follow. With the potential to for any of these businesses to report on my service, I believe reaching out to them could extend my reach further than I ever thought. Food Dive, The Counter Newsroom, and Eater are all trendier sites, similar to the three I just mentioned. The benefit of these sites is that since they are tren

Week 5 Part : Learning about Facebook Data Collecting

    Social media platforms have adapted over the years from being for personal connections to now interacting with brands and even buying from the platform itself. A business that uses social media most likely is eager to learn about the interactions that they are having with customers, which Facebook is especially helpful with. There are many tools on Facebook that one can utilize to track the success of their business, without having to be a penny. Two of the best features that Facebook offers for businesses are the ability to see post reach and post engagement.     Post reach allows for the business to see how many people saw the content they posted, therefore giving them insight into their visibility. While expanding post reach organically can be difficult, it is great for those wanting to deduce when the best time to post is. If a business is posting in the middle of the day when people are generally working, it is likely that they may not receive much reach. From this analytics t

Week 4 Part B: Defining YOUR Target Market

      Subscription boxes have been a rising trend for years now. With more boxes gaining popularity every day, the market for those interested in this type of service is there. Catered Cookbooks joins in on this growing trend while also focusing on giving back to those who need it most. Since the pandemic has caused many to start cooking from home more often than ever before, the target market varies more so than some other companies. Catered Cookbooks target market is the modern home cook, most likely between the ages of 25 and 55. They had a history of going out for food often, but are also wanting to be able to make that food for others. At these ages, people tend to start to settle down, already have families, or are getting back into their passions. Cooking is a passion for many as it allows them to feel like they traveled without hopping on an airplane. This service will give others the opportunity to finally learn how to make their favorites and spread that knowledge to others.

Week 4 Part A: Defining Target Markets

      A target market is an audience a company is marketing to in an attempt to gain their business. The process of deciding who the target market is and how to appeal to them is a lot more complicated than it seems. While most companies starting out initially know who they want to appeal to, that can be broken down into subcategories and more from there. As society adapts, businesses need to keep up in an attempt to stay relevant and appeal to their ever-changing (and growing) clientele. While larger companies have the budget and staff to work on their marketing and analytics, smaller businesses need to be able to keep up and attempt to do the same. Two companies that are similar, but also quite different are Subway and Hungry Bear Deli.     Subway has always been acknowledged as the "healthy" fast-food option. From the story of Jared (their former spokesperson) to their wide variety, it is a place for people to go to get a filling sandwich without feeling as guilty. Their d

Week 3 Part B: Developing a Brand

     Every day, with or without acknowledgment, we interact with a business. Whether it be our occupation, or even browsing social media, we utilize the functions of a company. That being said, creating a business is no easy feat. There is a lot of work that goes into it before there is even an announcement of its existence. To make someone want to use your business means that there has to be a clear concept from the creator of what the company is about and their purpose in a world already filled with businesses.       While I do not have a brand or company I have developed, another class had me create one for a project. The company that I came up with derived in part from this pandemic and what I had to do in order to help ground myself during this time. Like many, the pandemic led to the cancellation of many plans, therefore I was spending more time indoors. Two of my hobbies have always been cooking and baking as there is something about food that I find exciting, especially when it

Part 2B (Response)

 Anthony McCarthy